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Buh-bye, Romania

Departing Cluj-Napoca

So I’m leaving today. Fuck yeah. So excited.

Before leaving though, I met up for a beer with some cool people & friends — my sister, Camelia & Lucian Stoian, Daniela Laslo and Ciocian Raluca.

We catch up for a couple of hours in this cute place called Acrobatica Pizzeria, which by the way has the best pizza in town, and after everything’s said & done, we conclude the meeting with this group mugshot:


Departing Bucharest

Arrived in Bucharest around 21:00, 6th October 2016. Still excited & energetic!
15 minutes later, got picked up by the hotel transfer guy and got checked-in at Denisa Hotel. At this point I’m starting to feel tired like floppy cucumber (!?), and by the time I get to my room, I’m half asleep, barely dragging my ass around.

And that’s fine because my next flight is the next day afternoon, but before all that, I gotta catch up with an old friend, so I go out to met Oana Rogozea.

Next day at 14:10, I’m taking off from Otopeni Airport (Bucharest, Romania) to Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) (Moscow, Russia).

Buh-bye, Romania.

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