Hello, white Mother Russia!


Even though it was very cloudy and there was a thick blanket of fog, the descending & landing were quite smooth and without delay.
Hello Mother Russia!

At first I thought it was snowing, but it’s actually just a thin sleet. Even so, the sky is milky white and temperatures are close to zero, so it may as well snow.

I blindly set off to get to the city using public transportation, and then take a walk up to my accommodation. And, after 5 short  hours later and over 34 km, I arrived at People Hotel.

The accommodation is adjacent to New Arbat Avenue, which is this awesome main street in Moscow, with tons of pubs, restaurants & lots of shinny things:


Here’s a mini-market in Moscow. Placed in a fucking museum. Why? Because… Russia. And because it’s awesome:

img_20161008_201542 img_20161008_201938 img_20161008_201553

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It’s been almost 3 days now. Still no trace of sun. But the city of Moscow is amazing. I loved it.

Most Russians do not speak English very well (or at all), but they’ll compensate with their kindness and mimicry skills. For example, after asking some girl directions to a metro station, she got off the bus with me and she walked me to it.