Langkawi island, Malaysia

All events depicted further took place 3 months before the date of publication of this article. Due to lack of spare time and because of laziness, this late post is merely a vague recollection of a past trip.

Flying to Langkawi island, Malaysia
Flying to Langkawi island, Malaysia

Langkawi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, so the landscape here is totally different from Tuba island. It’s filled with tourists, restaurants, hotels, hostels & activities.

To get around you can use Uber, which is sometimes 50% cheaper than regular taxis.

I got to stay here only for 2 nights, and most of the time I had to work. First night I stayed in a hostel, El Studio, in Kuah area. The hostel is pretty okay, costs 45 RM / night, it’s very clean, and the staff was great. The two guys from the staff were travelers as well, volunteering. Kuah area is pretty quiet, not very much going on here.

Room in Langgura Baron Resort, Langkawi island
Room in Langgura Baron Resort, Langkawi island

The second night, I had to move to a hotel because of my work that stretched late night. This hotel, Langgura Baron Resort, is in the most popular area of the island, Pantai Cenang. The room was very clean, with a somewhat nice view, costing 170 RM / night, and it’s only 5 minutes away from the beach, close to restaurants and everything you might need.

Pantai Cenang area is nicer than Kuah; good food is easier to find here, and the streets are more alive at night. Also, there’s a nice reggae bar on the beach with beer and.. more :>.

Here’s the many photos I took in Langkawi in these 2 days

So, in terms of personal stuff, not much happened here for me , but Langkawi definitely deserves a revisit.
Next — I’m flying straight to Singapore for a couple of days, and then a week on Tioman island (Malaysia).