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Hello, Singapore!

All events depicted further took place 3 months before the date of publication of this article. Due to lack of spare time and because of laziness, this late post is merely a vague recollection of a past trip.

I’ve been told that my posts are too short. So I thought — let’s make this one even shorter.

Day 1

Singapore as viewed from plane
Singapore as viewed from plane
  • Arrive in Singapore. Early. Sleepwalking.
  • Try to get to city center. Boarding the bus refused for having a coffee-to-go. Bastards.
  • Big city. Futuristic buildings. Lots of startups. A workaholic’s heaven.
  • Check-in at Footprints Hostel for 2 nights. Clean. Friendly staff.
  • Bed in mixed dormitory with lots of Asians, all singing Coldplay songs. I knew Asians like karaoke but… wtf. Confusion.
  • Visit at Night Safari. Meh.

    Night Safari in Singapore
    Night Safari in Singapore
  • Mostly bored animals. Spotted hyenas, a.k.a. laughing hyenas —  not so amused. Scary stare.
  • Confusion cleared by friendly group of singing Asians: upcoming Coldplay concert in town.

Day 2

  • Visit at Marina Bay Sands. Nice view. Cool rooftop restaurant.

    View from Marina Bay Sands's Observation Deck, Singapore
    View from Marina Bay Sands’s Observation Deck, Singapore
  • Visit that greenery expo Gardens by the Bay. Relaxing.
  • Meet with a friend, Jennifer. She’s a chef here. Walking. Drinks in the park. See you next time, Jennifer!

Day 3

  • Morning. Slight hangover.
  • Miss bus back to Malaysia.
  • Another night at the hostel.
  • Blank. Blank. Blank.

Day 4

  • Took bus to Mersing (Malaysia) and then ferry to Tioman Island.
  • … to be continued in a future post.
Prices in Singapore

Visit to Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck (Skypark): S$23 / adult.

Visit to Night Safari: S$45 / adult, S$30 / child.

Visit to Gardens by the Bay: (access to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest): S$28 / adult, S$ 15 / child.


Next — I’m staying 6 days on a remote beach on Tioman island, Malaysia.