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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam — pretty cool still

The main reason for settling in this part of Vietnam was Hạ Long Bay, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So you know it must be good. I actually googled it, but whatever.

To visit the bay, I booked a 6 hours boat tour, which includes visits to Sung Sot Cave, a floating market, some kayaking, a delicious non-vegetarian dinner and a visit to some other thing I forgot about. I forgot about it not because it wasn’t interesting, but maybe because of all that non-vegetarian dinner I did not ate.

Ha Long Bay


Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave, also known as the Amazing Cave, or the Surprise Cave, is on Bo Hon island and, according to one of my trusted sources, “is one of the most spectacular and largest grottoes of Ha Long Bay”.

The rock formations are pretty interesting, but with all those multi-colored lights it felt like a strip dancer’s gonna pop up from behind a rock and start spinning around a stalactite. Or a stalagmite? I never got those right. Or maybe both, if she had the right skills. Now that would’ve been awesome, and it would’ve also explained how it earned its reputation as the “Surprise Cave”.

Ha Long Beach

This was not part of the boat tour, it was just a early walk on the beach near the hostel (early as in so early that nobody was there). It’s kind of unrelated to this post, but I didn’t wanted to put it in the Ha Long City post, but everything else there was shitty, and this wasn’t.


Next — I’m visiting Bangkok, Thailand.