One night in Bangkok, Thailand

OK, I actually stayed 2 weeks in Bangkok.

Bangkok city

Hot. Crowded streets. Lot of tourists. Plenty of things to do, see and eat. Affordable prices for food and places to stay. Not even 15 minutes after landing in Thailand, 3 taxi drivers tried to rip me off with over-inflated prices (not that I expected anything less).
I like it.
During these 2 weeks, most of the time I explored the city, meet some cool people, and worked, so I barely took any pictures. Some places I found interesting are Khao San road (lots of street food, nice pubs), Siam (lots of shops, but kind of expensive to live there) and Nana Plaza (lots of people, pubs, it’s sort of a red light district).
And yes, I did almost dated a ladyboy :)).


Smile Inn — Here I stayed 7 nights and paid 643 THB / night (77 RON = 18 USD = 17 EUR). The room was clean, and the bathroom decent, but the A/C unit definitely was in need of a cleanup.
This venue is located on a small, less touristy street, and it’s about 15 minute walk from Khaosan Road, which is more interesting: terraces, clubs, shows, music, and more.
Unfortunately, it’s pretty far from everything else: 45 minute walk away from Siam (a more central area in Bangkok with lots of shops), 1 hour away from Lumpini park, 1 hour walk away from Nana Plaza (…); and it’s not close to any train stations. So after a week I moved closer to Siam.

Diamond City Hotel — This one costed 1227 THB / night (147 RON = 34 USD = 33 EUR) and here I stayed 6 nights. It’s closer to Siam, to a train station, and there’s a lot of shops & restaurants nearby. Much better, but it’s a bit more expensive.
For some reason, the lady from reception upgraded my room to a Superior Room on 3rd floor: larger room with huge bed, a quite decent bathroom, and a strip of balcony.
The price also includes a breakfast, and free coffee and tea down in the lobby.

Almost everything was perfect with this place, but unfortunately, near the end of my stay I saw these two assholes…

The bug was just gross, but the spider.. the spider I almost grabbed to use it as a wipe.

The Golden Mount (Wat Saket)

— a Buddhist temple

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

—  big Buddhist temple complex in Bangkok


Bangkok definitely deserves more than 2 weeks, especially if you’re working.

Next, I’m going for 1 month and 2 weeks in Koh Phangan, an island in southeast Thailand, where I’m planning to spent Christmas and, maybe, celebrate the New Year’s Eve.