It was a long time ago when I first read about this guy who was traveling for almost a year around the world. The stories, the pictures – everything seemed surreal. I thought – “I’d like to do that at some point, but I would have to be really rich. So it probably wouldn’t happen very soon. If ever.” I was probably in my first year at the university.

Fast-forward to a few years later, I’ve had already worked from home as a freelancer, and now I was working full-time. I’ve already seen both sides. And, while I loved my job, I vehemently hated the monotony of it: everyday going to the same desk, in the same office, staring at the same wall or window, walking the same route.
After seeing this movie “Into the Wild, the idea of traveling around the world popped again into my head. And this time, I almost could *feel* the awesomeness of it: doing the job I love while traveling the world. It felt so good only imaging it. It got under my skin.

After a while, I decided that I should become independent and try to focus on some of my ideas, have more time for my projects, work with my own clients, only on projects I’m interested in, volunteer and help people, and, if all of that goes well, maybe even travel, why not.

So I started working my way in that direction, taking in more side projects and things seemed to go … fine.
Not long after that, I quit my job and started working a whole lot more to establish a minimum of stability (steady income, workflow and clientele). It’s been 2 years since then, and I have to admit the level of stability isn’t what I’ve expected, but that’s because my expectations were a bit off. Tolerance to fluctuations is a must. In fact, workflow fluctuations are now more than welcomed – they give me time to focus on my own stuff!

In December 2015 I planned a first solo trial trip for 9 days mid April 2016 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, with the sole purpose of experimenting how it would feel to travel alone while having to work and, maybe, also have fun.
Well, the trip was more fun than productive, but I left that place convinced I want to try that again, and knowing that I can do better.

In July 2016 I decided that by the end of the year I will be on the road, so I started researching & planning a one year long trip.

Thus, The Nomadic Year was born!
The journey is starting in 6 October 2016.