Working in Bucharest

The first hostel I stayed in didn’t had a quiet zone where I could work without being interrupted, so my next thought was: pubs.

Only one in every 5 pubs / restaurants had both a WiFi connection and a fucking power outlet near a table. That’s just stupid.

So my next dumb thought is: Therme – largest wellness & relaxation complex in Europe, only 17 km away.

Working in Bucharest – Therme

Oh boy, the relaxation I’m gonna get after working among all those palm trees!!! Right.

I do my backpack and I take their free bus ride to Therme.

Got there around 2 PM, paid the ticket for the entire day for the Palm area, plus a towel. The receptionist gives me the receipt, hands me a bracelet, and forgets the towel.

I go to the locker room, and then towards the bathroom to take a shower, when I realize the dudette from reception didn’t handed me the towel. Great. I go back and get the stupid towel.

I go inside, I take a quick shower, I bypass the indoor pool, and I sit at the first table. And for 2 hours, I’m a happy working nomad. But then, 2 notifications get my attention: 1. The website of one my client has crashed (!!!), and 2. “Your battery is low (10%)”.

I panic not — “I’ll certainly find a power outlet. This place is supposed to be huge!”. I close the lid on my laptop, I finish my beer, and I leave looking and asking around for a power outlet.

Meanwhile, after jumping from Galaxy zone to Palm zone, this lady from the staff sees me entering and tackles me, asking me to go back, leave the backpack in the locker room and take a shower before entering the Palm zone. Again!
I tell the dear lady that I’m only re-entering to find a power outlet, that I’ve already showered a couple of hours ago when I first arrived, and that I don’t need a fucking swim right now.

She then insists to leave my backpack behind, take my laptop in my hand (plus mouse, plus charger, plus external laptop, plus towel), and then take a shower! Oh, imagine the relaxation..


One long hour later, I find the only place that has an accessible power outlet, and it’s  near a pastry shop. The power socket is in a corner of the shop where there’s no table, just a small chair and a baby highchair bearing traces of baby shit all over it.

The desperation relaxation now overtakes my pride and rage, and I sit in the fucking corner, on a children’s chair, with a 3.4 kg hot laptop in my lap, and I happily resume my work there – sitting in a fucking corner, on a kids chair, in front of a fucking pastry shop smelling like baby shit.

But hey, there’s palm trees nearby. And some sexy gals elongated onto the sunbeds like fucking mermaids. That’ll cheer me up.

Working in Bucharest – Pura Vida Hub

After all the pubs / wellness crap, I finally find this nice co-working place, Pura Vida Hub, in Old Town, all for 5 EUR. The girl at the counter was very friendly, also cute, and they even have a bar and a hostel. I finally get to work uninterrupted and later even book a bunk bed. Cool place.


Update: fam., if you’re watching this, please know that that porn magazine isn’t mine. It was already there. I don’t do porn mags.       Why bother, when there’s redtube..