George Town, Malaysia

George Town, Malaysia — is the capital city of Penang state, well known for its street food and street art. The old area of the city is a pretty cool place to visit, day or night. In fact this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It feels like another century.
Some of the streets that I visited: Armenian street, Chulia street and Queen street. Also the Chew Jetty was pretty interesting — it’s a small floating fishing village where locals still live. Of course, these days they’re more into tourism than fishing, selling souvenirs, food, and whatnot.

Apart from that, I haven’t done much in this city, except for randomly wandering around its streets.
I did wanted to go inside a mosque during a prayer, like the idiot that I am, but got turned around after missing a huge sign saying: “Non-Muslims please refrain from entering the mosque” ;D

Batu Ferringhi beach

This is a 4 km stretch of decent beaches in the suburbs of George town. It’s filled with resorts, so the public access to the beach is rather difficult to find. It’s a good place for water sports, but it doesn’t have many beach terraces, nor I saw any sunbeds.

Some prices:
450-500 RM — 1 hour with the jet ski
600 RM — 4-5 hours boat fishing trip


Oh, I also went to a club in George town — SOJU Club in Penang Times Square. Entry fee was 120 RM for which you get a bucket of 5 (?) beers. The music was pretty OK for my taste (some EDM, Electro, Dubstep, and others), and in the few hours I spent there, they had a live DJ, dancers and a live band. It wasn’t crowded given it was a weekday, but chicks looking for “lady drinks” were all over the place ;D

Next — a walk through the rainforest jungle in Penang Hill.