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Cannon Fort, Vietnam

The Cannon Fort is only 2km away from Cat Ba town’s port, a 35 minutes walk uphill. The entrance ticket is 1.8 USD (40.000 VND = 7.5 RON).

At the entrance, engraved in a memorial plaque writes:

The Cannon Fort was built in 1942, at the height of 177m from the sea, on Cat Ba Island — a strategical location considered a gateway of the East Sea and also an evidence of the fierce wars again French & American. The first battle took place here was one of the Cat Ba army & people’s brilliant feet of army contributing to the glorious victory of the nation.

Cannon Fort
— Cannon Fort
Trenches inside Fort Cannon
— Trenches inside Fort Cannon
Anti-aircraft cannon. Dooh.
— Anti-aircraft cannon. Dooh.
View from Cannon Fort
— View from Cannon Fort
Jungle greenery
— Jungle greenery
Random selfie
— Random selfie
More jungle greenery
— More jungle greenery
Couchsurfing. For soldiers.
— Couchsurfing. For soldiers.
3D Google Maps of Cat Ba Island
— 3D Google Maps of Cat Ba Island
High-tech communication equipment
— High-tech communication equipment
Jail receptionist doing a splendid job
— Jail receptionist doing a splendid job
— Ammunition
Scary tunnels
— Metro?
— Bunker

Not trying to be disrespectful, but this place would be an awesome spot for paintball…

Cannon Fort it’s not only an interesting visit in itself, but it also offers pretty nice views over the surrounding areas. I approve this visit.

Next, I’m visiting the Cat Ba National Park and Ha Long Bay.